Wednesday, March 13, 2013 want leather wrap bracelets.

On my Facebook wall last week, there was an ad/share/post from Leather Wrapswhich I must have 'liked' at some point.  It was probably on one my attempts to search for something on Etsy that I found them.  It's not often that I find myself on Etsy.  It completely confuses me and any searches I have made return thousands of results.  Too overwhelming.  At any rate, I was glad to be reminded of them!  With spring and summer around the corner, I found myself clicking over to their Etsy shop and surfing around.

I believe I came upon these bracelets in a search because remind me of a one I purchased a couple of summers ago at an art gallery in Rhode Island.  (I must give credit to my friend's mother, who was wearing a version of it.  I grabbed her wrist and asked where I could get one.) By Gillian Julius, this bracelet ALWAYS gets compliments.  
Image from Jennifer Houston.
It has both gold and silver tubes on leather It goes with everything and is a statement on your wrist.  It was also an investment, which leads me back to Leather Wraps.  You can get a very similar look for a fraction of the price.  Check out these favorites below.  First, something similar to the Gillian Julius.
Image from
They come in colors, metallics, etc.  Prices ranging from $23 to $35 for sets.  Some colors come with 6 wraps; others come with 10.  Check out these favorites:

Images from
There are lots to choose from and it looks like to can customize what color leather you'd like, what color tubes (silver or gold), and how many you'd like in a set.  What fun!  Hummm...might have to order some. ~ JH

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