Monday, April 1, 2013 keep losing items of clothing.

Seriously, did I hit 40 and start losing my mind?  Don't answer that! Over the past few weeks, I've been cleaning out my closets (I have several TINY closets in which to store my habit, er, clothing) and switching over clothing from winter to spring.  There are 2 items missing that are 'work horses' in my spring wardrobe.

Missing Item #1:  Pair of Pretty Ballerina snake-skin ballet flats.  
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Super neutral, spring staple.  I went to put the box in my bedroom closet and found it to be empty.  Where are they?  Puerto Rico?  Jamaica?  I wasn't too concerned though, because Pretty Ballerina makes the same style of ballet flats in the snake skin still.  And mine needed replacing to be honest.  

What is Pretty Ballerinas?  From their website, I quote "Pretty Ballerinas is a brand of ballerinas and flat shoes launched in 2005 via its own website,  Although the name is relatively new, the shoes have been made in the same village on the Mediterranean island of Menorca by the same family since 1918.  Each shoe shape is named after a female screen or music icon to help customers remember which shape suits them best."

There are 2 store fronts in New York city (1034 Lexington at 74th and 27 East 67th at Madison) and a new one in Beverly Hills.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend stopping into one.  I ordered the same pair of shoes that I'm missing, and they should be arriving today.  Phew.

Missing Item #2:  Vince Linen Sweater.

ANOTHER staple missing?  Where is this one?  This would be a loss because I LOVE it, and it looks great over my Vince leather leggings.  I've searched everywhere and cannot find it.  
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In a vain effort, I started a massive internet search to see if it could be found or replaced by something similar.  I googled 'Vince Linen Sweater', and after searching through dozens of the wrong items, found it.  On a site that I didn't know existed.  By Neiman Marcus.  Lots of stuff out there.  It looks like they have a lot from their CUSP stores out there from prior seasons.  But who cares?!  My sweater was out there!  I ordered 2 sizes and they will arrive this week.  YIPPEE!  

In the meantime, if you find either of these items, please return them to me.  I miss them a lot. ~ JH

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