Friday, March 8, 2013

To Hang or to Fold...that is the question.

I have been a bad fashion blogger as of late because until this week, I had not yet read the March 2013 issue of InStyle magazine.  Must keep on top of these things!  And while I'm not quite finished with that issue yet, I did stumble upon something that I wanted to share.  This is a brilliant chart on whether to hang or to fold garments.  Check it out:
Image taken by Jennifer Houston from InStyle Magazine, March 2013.
Finally, a nice, concise list of what to do.  Especially here in New England, where closet sizes sometimes border on the ridiculously small size (unless of course, you have a newly constructed house or addition).  My closet is TINY.  Fortunately, there are many TINY closets throughout the house, so my wardrobe is spread over 3+ closets.  Therefore, I have to ration space carefully and keep the closet in my bedroom stocked neatly and orderly with items to wear right now.  

Other closet rules I live by:
  • No wire hangers.  Ever.  Talk about peaking (definition: the 'peaks' or dents that wire hangers make in the shoulders of tops).  Yes, I change hangers when clothing comes back from the dry cleaner before I put the item away in my closet.  
  • Stack shoes in boxes.  It keeps them dust free, and it's easier to stack them.  If you are really organized, take a picture of the shoe inside and attach to the outside of the box.  I am not that organized (really, I'm not) but I do know what shoe is in each box. 
  • Hang scarves on hangers so you can see what you have.  See photo below.
Image from
So, as I change over my closet to transitional clothing in the next few weeks, I'll be hanging my 'heavy gauge' sweaters in the guest room closet and making some drawer space for my t-shirts.  ~ JH

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  1. What a great idea! DId you work the the store's personal stylist to create the email to send out? How many RSVP'd? DId they schedule or just come in? I would love to do this at my local store!
    The sets are perfect JCrew- stylish, actually wearable but elevated above the tyoical mall offerings- greeat job!!