Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Black Boot.

What is it with our readers and shoes these days?  :-) I know, we love them too.  I was out to dinner with a good friend earlier this month who asked if we could talk about our favorite black riding boots.  Of course we can!

With all of the high-end shoes we talk about, you will be pleasantly surprised at my favorite black riding boot.  It's very affordable, great leather, and comes in wide calf as well as standard.  Right now, it's on sale for $169.90. (They are normally priced at $259.95, still very reasonable for boots.)  Made by Corso Como, the Samual boot is an elegant, comfortable boot at a great price.  
Image from nordstrom.com.
Corso Como makes a version of this boot every year (or, at least Nordstrom carries their boots every year) with slight modifications.  I own both the black and a caramel pair I bought about 3 or 4 years ago and still wear both regularly.  I cannot recommend them enough!

For another choice, Lisa is NUTS about Frye boots.  She bought this amazing pair in NYC a couple of years ago in a fabulous grey that works with both brown and black outfits.  The ones pictured below are similar - the classic Frye Riding Harness boots.  At $348, they still aren't too bad for boots, and the leather on Frye boots is like butter.
Image from bloomingdales.com.
The back story to WHY Lisa had to buy the Frye boots?  She LOST her black J. Crew boots.  I mean really, how do you lose boots?  While she was away 2 summers ago, she realized they were missing, and sent me off to the cobbler to see if she had left them there.  Unfortunately, the cobbler didn't have them.  She thinks her husband might have mistaken the bag they were in for trash.  Ah, the shoe drama!

But that brings me to the next boot we love, the J. Crew Booker boot. Similar to the pair Lisa lost, J. Crew always makes a solid riding boot.  And, if you need it, they too have an extended calf option.  At $298, apparently lots of people like them because some sizes are on back-order until February.  (Right now, everything at J. Crew is 30% off, both online and in stores!)
Image from jcrew.com.
Finally, for a more 'rugged' looking riding boot, I've always loved the Archive boot at Madewell.  I love the texture of these boots and really lust after them in the 'English Saddle' color.  My ONLY problem with these boots is that they are 'pull on'; there is no size zipper.  It's tricky to tuck pants into these without them riding up your leg.  You would have to tuck your pants leg into your socks and then put them on.  That's my only warning; they are really great boots otherwise.
Image from madewell.com.
Let us know what great black riding boots you find out there! ~ JH


  1. I bought the Corso COmo boots and returned them last night as they hurt my legs like crazy! Am STILL in search of the perfect versatile black boot!

  2. Theperfectblackboot.com check out my blog!

  3. I completely lucked out when I was visiting relatives in the US a few years ago – I discovered that Wideshaft boots seem to be wide enough in the calf for my ‘solid’ legs. I only bought one pair – I wish I’d bought more, then i came to know about it's online order/delivery services & I'm happy to see that.