Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday 2012: The Sales!

We are all bombarded with daily emails advertising all kinds of sales - friends and family, pre-Christmas, post-Christmas, etc, etc, etc.  Like everyone, I love a good deal and it's during this time of year, right before Christmas, that some of the best deals are out there, especially in the chain and department stores.  (Like in J. Crew, starting today, the entire store is 30% off through Monday the 17th!) Yes, there are some fabulous after-Christmas sales, but the quantity of goods in stores is higher now than it will be after Dec. 25th.  

But more important than the sales, is what you should actually BUY.  Just because it's on sale doesn't mean it needs to go home with you.  There are several categories of items that I like to purchase this time of year, and I thought I'd share some of my tricks with you.

First, boots.  Riding or heeled, knee-high or bootie:  these are items you want to pick up now for next winter. Heck, for this winter!  Boots are some of the most expensive footwear out there.  Last winter, I knew I wanted a brown, stacked-heel boot and ended up with a pair of Chloe boots for 60% off the original price.  If you know you'll want a pair of black riding boots next winter, get them now.  Or, stacked heel booties. Like these Vince 'Chase' booties - love them even more at 40% off!
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Or, what about these Tod's Rubber Sole tall boots that you can wear all winter!  40% off!
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Another 'item' I tend to poke around for during this pre-Christmas time is outerwear.  Good outerwear costs a fortune, so why not give yourself a little 'To me, from me' gift?   Especially if it's more of a 'specialty' jacket/coat rather than an essential one.  I LOVE this capelet at Bloomingdales - 30% off right now, and comes in black, grey, and this delicious orange.
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I love this Mackage, leather-trimmed coat.  If I didn't have something very similar in my closet already, I'd be checking out right now. 25% off at Nordstrom.
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While Saks isn't 'blogger friendly' (i.e. I can't pull images off their website), they have over 200 pieces of outerwear on sale right now.  If they would only let me pull pictures from their site!  

Handbags are also good items to purchase now.  I'm a clutch junkie for sure, and can barely contain myself around clutches that are on sale.  This one, by Stella McCartney, is a 'fantasy' item, but I love it so much I had to share it here.  Even though it's 40% off at Nordstroms, at Nordstroms it will stay. (As a note, Neimans has it on sale too, but only 33% off!)
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Ok, back to reality.  This Cole Haan tote is lovely with its big tassel (TASSELS!) and braided handles.  It comes in 3 colors and it's about 33% off right now at Bloomingdales.
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Finally, a brief list of items, which, if you see them on sale, buy them!  You will use them.  I promise.
  • leather gloves - how many pairs do you go through in one winter?!
  • knit gloves - see above.
  • a well fitting black cashmere sweater.  Never out of style and a wardrobe stable.
So while you're finishing your holiday shopping, don't forget to take a peek at what's out there for you. You might be pleasantly surprised! ~ JH

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  1. My mom has the black coat featured in your blog. I can't wait to tell her that she is ahead of the fashion curve!