Thursday, June 28, 2012 want a rope bracelet for bracelet stacking.

I stopped at a great store in Kennebunkport called Spaces.  Mostly an interior design store, they have some great home accessories, Roberta Roller Rabbit tunics, and some other fun stuff.

As I walked it, I spied this on the front desk:
Image from Jennifer Houston.
"What are THESE?" I squealed.  The sales people (who were completely delightful and knowledgable) told me they were the 'new' Nantucket rope bracelet.  They were from a company called 'The Ropes', all handmade in Maine using marine ropes and accessories.  They also told me that the bracelets had been featured in and in other online magazines.

I loved them, their chunky hardware, bold colors, and easy wearability.   Check out the clasp on this one:
Image from Jennifer Houston.
The multi-strand ones were adorable too.
Image from
I tried a few on and fell in love with a navy and white with a red band.  And, as if I was 5 again in the Stride Rite store asking to wear my new shoes home, I asked the sales person to cut the tag off so I could wear it home.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
I'm not as gifted as Lisa is at stacking bracelets, but I'm getting closer!  And, between $30 and $70, they are the perfect 'to me, from me' self-gift.

If you are interested in these little gems, you can see where to purchase them on The Ropes site, or purchase them online from Spaces Kennebunkport.  Happy stacking! ~ JH

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  1. There are are boat loads of them on Etsy also. Check out They have lots of cute ones for $19.