Sunday, June 17, 2012

W2WW Around Town - MiniLuxe is Lux

The most important thing about getting a mani/pedi is that my heels are buffed smooth, cuticles tamed and that the polish is flawlessly applied to last for the duration. I frankly don't care if the chair vibrates or if insence is burning. Normally, I close my eyes or read a magazine most of the time, so decor is secondary.
Well, that all changed when I stopped by the new MiniLuxe in Wellesley for a quick pedi.
Far from the dark hole in the wall, MiniLuxe was bright, clean and sleek.   The first order of business was to pick my polish.  Behold THE WALL, arranged not by brand, but by COLOR.
Image from Lisa Bida.
Brilliant!   'tis the season for festive toes so I picked out by Essie "My Private Cabana", my nod to the beginning of summer.
Image from
No electronic massages here just a simple cushioned bench and pristine white basin below to receive my eager feet.  
Image from Lisa Bida.
The nail technician pampered the tired feet with what seemed like extra care and attention and a scrub of some sort on the heel, followed by a slathering of lotion and foot and leg massage.   So far, perfection.  Polish application next.  She carefully applied polish to each nail, using a brush to clean up stray marks and voila!  My toes are coiffed perfection!  I waddle over to the foot driers and settle in with People magazine (cliche, I know) to dry.
The pedi was a last minute decision and I came from work so no time to grab flip flops.   Fortunately, MiniLuxe sells a selection of brands, including Havianas and their own MiniLuxe branded line, if you forget. 
Image from Lisa Bida.
Pricing was comparable, mid thirties for a pedi, which is OK by me.  I can't wait to go back again.  The wonderful moms of KM/G (Kindergarten class) gave us room parents a dozen red roses and mani/pedi at MiniLuxe.  So generous and very much appreciated!  My new favorite nail salon. give it a try and let us know how you like it. ~ LB


  1. I too like the Mini Luxe aesthetic and cleanliness policy but after trying it twice I'm going to wait awhile to return or recommend. The technicians are not experienced. My pedicure left me with a bloody toenail for which the tech didn't apologize (somehow it was my fault?) and the manicure was just eh.