Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ode to the Perfect Black Pant

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, I think I've finally found the holy grail!  In fact, maybe I've found 2!  With the help of personal shopper Claudine Eaton Lewis at Saks this fall, I have found some favorite pants that I just had to share with you!

It was a normal day of shopping with Claudine - she pulled several things that I HAD to try on.  As I was following her to the dressing room, we walked through the small (but well-curated) Rag & Bone section of clothing.    She stopped, turned to me and asked if I had any Rag & Bone pants.  "No", I said.  She shook her head in disgust, grabbed two pairs, and off we went.

Honestly, I thought the last thing I needed were more black pants.  I have a ton.  Jeans, both long and short, tailored dress pants, waxed jeans, black leather pants even.  

But then I tried them on.  Holy cow were they good.  

Item #1 - The Simone Skinny Pant.  A legging-alternative with trouser seaming.  Higher rise than most pants (great for those of us with a higher rise!).  Zip in the back for a completely smooth front.  Stretch cotton material. Wear with heels, flats, tucked seamlessly into boots. Not a pant for tucking your top in; definitely for sweaters, blouses and tops that are meant to be worn untucked.  I swear, I have worn them at least 20 times. Maybe 30.  They are "flawlessly tailored, second-skin pants".   They also come in navy!
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Item #2:  The Sullivan Stretch Cotton Pant.  Has pockets and a front zip.  Definitely a trouser, into which you can tuck tops and shirts.   They really looked cropped on the model, but she's probably 6' tall and wearing a size 0.  For us normal people, they are perfect.
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Neither are cheap, but using sales like 'Friends and Family', you just might get lucky!  The cost-per-wear is low in my house.  And yes, I'm wearing the Sullivan pant as I type this right now. ~ JH


  1. I have many style shoes like black color,pink color and am use this massing my dress....

  2. Mine is the collection of the black jumpsuit for women for the New year outfit.