Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January's Obsession - Big Knits

Image from etsy.com (Ohhio)
You know when you’re out and about living your life, and all of a sudden, you spot a fabulous look that just stops you in your tracks?  It could be an outfit or the wearer that inspires you or that perfect cream chunky sweater you’ve been searching for the past 3 years?  Said sweater was spotted on a harried mom at the car dealership one afternoon.  Her style was perfection though it wasn’t intentional.  I could tell by the ease of her look that It was her day-in-day-out wardrobe.    Jeans tucked into worn boots, chunky cream turtleneck sweater, baseball cap, stacked bracelets that looked like a little Sisco and Berluti sprinkled in there. THIS is the sweater I want!  I could pull off this look!  As I was trying to commit the whole look to memory without gawking, the thought of actually asking where she got it did cross my mind.  But I didn’t.  Should have, but didn’t.  

Instead, as I do when I’m on the hunt for something - I took it to the internet.  What DID we do before we could click click?! 

What I did learn is that “big knit” is a big trend.  I could outfit myself and my home in this comfy chunkiness.  Somebody hold me back.  Starting with, where else, Etsy. 

There are so many amazing handknit options on Etsy.  First up, this giant super chunky knit blanket from Knit Couture Co. Looks so soft and yummy!  I just want to curl up with it on the couch with a book.  
Image from knitcoutureco.com.
Handmade in the Ukraine of 100% Australian merino wool and available in dozens of colors. Why Australian merino? "The secret to Australian merino's softness is its exceptionally fine fibers.  This makes merino wool feel soft and luxuriously gentle next to your skin.  Merino fibers can absorb large quantities of moisture vapor them move it away to evaporate into the air.  It's also odor resistant.  The merino wool blanket is extremely breathable, regulates body tempurature and heart rate too so that this actually improves sleep."  Who knew?

If you’re feeling crafty and want to make it yourself, there’s Loopy Mango’s Nantucket Throw.
Image from loopymango.com.
If knitting isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of options for you.  This giant knit blanket is handmade to order from merino wool in 70 different colors by Ohhio in the Ukraine.
Image from etsy.com.
How about this fabulous Italian-made hand-knitted wool throw or hat  from Bloisem? Choose from over 70+ colors and 10 sizes.  GASP!
Images from etsy.com.
Love the colored pom pom of the Pokomoke hat from Peony Knits.  In a Rainbow of color combinations.
Images from etsy.com.
RK Hats and Knits has a super selection of hats with fur pom poms like this one.  All handmade in the USA and available in a multitude of colored yarns and pom poms. Totally cute and unique, right?!
Images from etsy.com.
You can get your chunky knit on with a pouf, too.  
Image from wayfair.com.
I never did find that sweater (new rule...always ask).  But I do have some great ideas for where to put some chunky in my life and some design inspiration for decorating my home with big knits.  Check it out! ~ LB

Images from designtoinspire.com.
Image from glitterinc.com.

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  1. Wow, those knitted designs are super l have also knitted collections, one of my favorite is the knitted pencil knee length dress.