Thursday, December 17, 2015

From NYC, could the latest trend in beauty bars be headed our way?

The family took a four day getaway to NYC to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy the sights - Christmas Tree at Rock Plaza, windows at Saks, the Rockettes (actually excellent and tacky, as anticipated), Bradley Cooper (we rode together in an elevator and yes, I talked to him and yes, he is as spectacular as all get out).  A little early Merry Merry for me.  

The girls and I headed to one of our favorite spots for a manicure in the beauty playground that is underground at the le Parker Meridien.  Tenoverten is a cool spot for some pampering with an unrivaled selection of colors and brands of nail polish to choose from.  We love our local Miniluxe, but when in NYC, a nail care at Tenoverten is a treat not to be missed.
Image from Lisa Bida.
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Apres nail care, we walked around a bit and saw some familiar and new additions to the beauty wonderland. 

Drybar, founded in 2009 and now a chain of 43 stores, offers blow outs only.  No cuts.  No color.  I’m familiar with the concept and frequent competitor BeStyled for a quick fix. Check.
Image from Lisa Bida.
Next was Blushington, a new concept makeup and beauty bar.  Whoa!  Ok, this is kind of cool.  Professional makeup applications at reasonable prices. I like it!  I once had my makeup professionally done for a big birthday party and it truly looked awesome.  They offer great brands like Becca, Kevyn Aucoin, Eve Lom and all natural Ilia, plus air-brushing.  Not sure how that works as I’m clearly a makeup novice.   Pick your “look” from the menu and off you go.    Full face is $45, TV ready $75.  LOL.  They also offer faux lash application and maintenance services like waxing, and lessons so you can try to recreate the look at home.  Blushington has 5 locations and this is its first NYC location.
Images from Lisa Bida.
Moving along the beauty underground, we encounter "coming soon”  - Skin Laundry, that is aiming to take laser and light therapy out of the doctor’s office for fast, affordable service.  Treatments claim to leave skin deep cleaned and toned, and with frequency, improved acne, decreased redness, dullness, hyper-pigmentation and photoaging, leaving skin smooth, even and firm.  I’m in.  Treatments start at $50.  Apparently, $40-$50 seems to be the magic range in which we feel comfortable parting with cash for a beauty indulgence.    This will be their 10th location, with other outposts in CA and Hong Kong.
Image from Lisa Bida.

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All brilliant right?  So as our beauty repetoire extends beyond hair to skin, WW2W predicts we’ll see these chains or their competitors opening up shop in Boston and potentially, Wellesley by 2017.  You heard it here first! ~ LB

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