Monday, April 14, 2014

…it's raining.

While we're awaiting the arrival of spring and flip flop season (although today's a pretty fantastic day), it's time to pull out the rain boots.  My littles (i.e. smaller children) burned through two pairs this spring already, splitting the back seam.  I'm about to bite the bullet and get them real boots.  Not Hunters, Sperrys or Joules.  They are pretty but not workhorses.  I'm trying my luck with Muck.  

I first spotted Muck Boots at the barn where my daughter takes horseback riding lessons.  They look tough and are built to handle every day wear and tear.  They are REAL boots -  they are used by REAL outdoors folks - on the farm in the midwest, in the wilds of Alaska, or even at the local barn.  These are premium boots, designed to be comfortable with reinforced achilles protection, and a sole that won't hold fine rocks. Who even knew I needed that?!   Of course, Mucks are 100% waterproof.  But best of all, these beauties are insulated with a fine woven neoprene which means feet will be warm and toasty when the kids are sloshing through slush next winter. Sign them up...and me too. ~ LB

Addition from JH:  I laughed when Lisa sent this over because I've worn Muck Boots at the stable where my daughter rides for a few years.  I bit the bullet for the simple functionality.  Well, Muck Boots have come a long way since I purchased mine at Dover Saddlery; there are fun color combos and all different styles (tall, short). Mine are like the first ones pictured, but not as cool. ~ JH

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