Wednesday, January 30, 2013 are going to Australia in May.

One of our readers finds herself in the enviable position of heading to Australia this coming May.  She is already concerned about her wardrobe.  Here are her needs:
"Black Ballet flats (think I'll suck it up and get these) unless you have alt suggestion.
Black pants  - have wool jcrew mini but too hot. All my other black pants stink.  Please advise.  
Some type of Jersey tunic for flight.  How about this?  With cozy leggings???  Probably brown family since tunic s navy.  Would prefer black legs and shoes/booties and other colored top if poss.
Great pair of dark denim jeans.  Have given away all fancy jeans - need to update here. 
Dress for dinner - yes? 
Still have great white jeans and few tops.  Might need camel cotton cardigan (seen any?)  All my neutral wedges are open in one way or another do you think that's ok for that time of year?  Will I need low boots?"
That's a mighty long list.  

First thing, May in Australia = early fall.  I was in Australia in late May about 12 years ago and I wore my trench coat and a scarf the whole time.  

Let's tackle each part one at a time.

Ballet Flats:  The ones our reader picked out are certainly fine.  I personally lean towards a solid ballet flat (the Attilio Giusti Leombruni ones have a cap toe).  I do love classic Tory Burch ballet flats and goodness knows I've worn them all over in my travels.  I also love Vera Wang Lavender ballet flats.  Check out the 2 below for inspiration.  PS - the Tory one is all patent which holds up well in inclement weather.
Image from
Image from
Black Pants:  This is easy for us to recommend: the Michael by Michael Kors Black Ponte Pants.  We have recommended them many times.  They are great for traveling, packing, and being wrinkle fee.  Stick on a silk blouse or blazer and blouse and call it a day.  They are good for day, evening, and the plane.  Run, do not walk, to add these pants to your wardrobe.
Image from
Jersey Tunic:  I love the Vince one she picked out.  
Image from
It's really perfect.  I'd put a long sleeve white t-shirt under it to keep warm.  30,000 feet over the Pacific can be chilly.  Finish it with a scarf like this rag & bone one for additional warmth and comfort.
Image from
As for leggings, I think grey and navy are more compatible than navy and brown.  Why not check out these Not Your Daughter's Jeans leggings at Nordstrom - they look completely comfortable and are a buy at $58.96.  Then you can pair them with your new black ballet flats.  (2 hints:  If they are too long, please get them hemmed to flat length and bring a pair of cosy socks to change into on the plane.)
Image from
Dark Denim Jeans: Lisa and I are huge fans of Adriano Goldschmied jeans (otherwise known as AG Jeans).  Just today (yes, I know, I have to stop buying pants), I fell in love with the AG 'Stevie' Jeans that I found at Anthropologie.  I had ducked in on my way to a hair appointment and decided that these straight-leg jeans needed to be tried on.  I needed a new pair of jeans to be worn with flats and these are them.  The stylist at Anthropologie did say that these stretch a lot, so if you are too comfortable when you try them on, go down one size.
Image from
If our reader is looking for dark jeans to wear with heels, the AG Ballad's are our go-to.  They are a slim bootcut that I LOVE (and am wearing a very worn pair as I type).  Check out these at Anthropologie.
Image from
And as a note, DO NOT TRY TO HEM AG Ballad Jeans.  I tried it, only to ruin a perfectly good pair.  The slight bootcut flare gets ruined if you do.

Dress for Dinner:  Again, our reader is doing well.  Any DVF wrap dress is a hit!  Throw on tights and heels/boots for dinner.  Australia is pretty casual, but a good wrap dress is a great item to pack.

Camel cardigan:  For 'cardigans', I like 'open cardigans', meaning, no fasteners.  I have a camel sweater that I wear to death; it's a great color to have and wear with jeans (both white and blue) as well as black.  However, they are few and far between this time of year.  I love this one by Tory, especially with the self-belt that highlights your waistline.  Put it over the black pants above with a cream shell and a pair of black pumps and there's your travel dinner outfit.  Over a white blouse with jeans?  Daywear.
Image from
Neutral wedge:  I myself love a neutral wedge for traveling. I like a little heel, and if it's comfortable, even better!  I think our reader needs to consider a closed wedge (which again are really hard to find!).  For a trip to Paris last spring (in April, and it was cool weather), I specifically purchased these from Tory Burch.  I wore them every day and have loved them ever since.  (I did spray them to waterproof them.  Just a hint.)  These are the 'Sally' wedges.
Image from
Tory Burch also features the 'Molly' wedge.  These come in black and this VERY cool python print.  Which I might have to buy.  Right now.  They are fab.
Image from
I hate to focus on one designer here, but honestly, I searched all over for a closed wedge last spring, and Tory Burch was the only designer to have good ones.  J. Crew features a few this spring both in patent and in suede.  Must check out.

As for low boots, maybe pack a riding boot to tuck your AG Stevie jeans or Michael Kors pants into.  

Hope we answered all of your questions.  Have a g'day mate! ~ JH

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