Tuesday, January 29, 2013

W2WW Around Town - W by Worth Show Recap

Lisa and I haven't had the chance to shop for spring clothing together yet, until Friday when we hit the Worth show.  If you are local in town, you should really check it out (click here for show details).  I had to stop myself from buying too many things, but I think I'll get lots of use of what I purchased.  Here's what happened:

Enter seeing 4 racks of clothing, all color coordinated.  I'm immediately drawn to these black and white pants and they fit like a dream.
Image from wbyworth.com.
While W showed them paired with a chartreuse tunic top, I chose to go with the cobalt blue version.  Yes, I now have 2 outfits featuring cobalt for spring.  Stop the madness!  Although, they call the color 'ultramarine', so it's really not cobalt, right? (And in person, it's really a brighter blue.)
Image from wbyworth.com.
To top it off, I had to get the black oblong scarf.  I've been looking for one for a while, and am so glad to have found one.  The material is a lovely linen, and at $78, I'm really not going to find a better option.
Image from wbyworth.com.
I must take a moment to talk about the scarves because Lisa and I went N-U-T-S for them!  They were all gorgeous, and between us, we bought 4.  I ended up with the black one above and a navy silk oblong scarf (below); she ended up with a white (which everyone should have for spring!) and a chartreuse.  The material is dreamy, soft, and will maintain it's light volume rather than sag after a few wears.  Seriously consider looking at them.
Image by wbyworth.com.
Lisa looked GREAT in this shell pink pullover with a longer back than front.  Totally easy and a go to piece for spring.  
Image from wbyworth.com.
She also picked up a carbon and white striped blouse that looked great - I'm bummed I cannot find a picture of it online!

I also fell in love with this cardigan/jacket, which came in black and cream.  Yummy for chilly April days and cool Maine summer nights.  I'm thinking a black t-shirt underneath with cropped white pants.  No?
Image from wbyworth.com.
And speaking of white pants.  Ahem.  Confession time.  Of course there was a pair of white pants that fit perfectly that I HAD to buy.  But seriously, they are GREAT.  Straight leg, slightly below waist fit.  Not 'see through' and not too stiff. If you happen by, check out the 'Scout' pant.  

And, if you happen upon any 'White Pants Anonymous' groups, please send me the details. ~ JH

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