Wednesday, October 24, 2012 are 'inexplicably drawn to clog boots'.

Hi everyone!  Back from Caribbean trip #1 (and yes, it was fabulous!).  Returned to an email from a reader from the Pacific Northwest.

"I am surprised at myself, but I am inexplicably drawn to clog boots (which is sort of anathema to my clean, modern, comfortable style... I usually wear ankle booties and knee-high wedge boots from fall through late spring). Upon trying these warm, comfy, and sturdy boots (by Vialis, style no. 4862, "Garret") on, I had to have them. 

How can I wear these without looking too bohemian and not too après-ski? The shaft can be uncuffed, worn straight up, or ruched down. (I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and am slim/petite... In case if those are factors in outfit suggestions)."

Yes, we too have our moments of purchasing something that's completely outside of our comfort zone because we simply love it.  So, let's take a look at these Vialis boots.
Image from reader.
These are a great neutral and I can see why she loves them.  I think we're all looking for something different, yet wanting to maintain our style.  

Since our reader is slim and petite, one thing I like to do is to create a column of solid color with these boots.  The lighter lining of the boot will create a color break by the knee, so think about keeping the pants and top the same color (if not wearing jeans, in which case I'd do a chocolate sweater or top on top of the jeans).  Keeping the color palette really neutral works well too.  I'd stay away from prints and light silks.  The heaviness of the boot calls for a certain 'weight' in the clothing you wear with them; otherwise, you'll appear 'unbalanced'.

Do stay true to your 'clean, modern' style by working with tailored, clean pieces.  In terms of labels, Vince comes to mind immediately when I think of these boots.  J. Crew's simple pieces.  Let the boots speak for themselves. By keeping the outfit clean and modern, the boots lose a little of their bohemian look.

Don't forget that a quick spray with Kiwi Suede Protector on the top suede will keep the boots looking good in the Pacific Northwest rain.
Image from
I put a few outfits together on Polyvore for our reader using a column of color, neutrals and a jeans outfit.  Hope you are inspired! ~ JH

W2WW - With Clog Boots

Vanessa bruno

Vneck sweater

Rag bone wool shirt

American Vintage summer tank top
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Vince stretch pants

Michael kors tote bag

Louis vuitton satchel

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