Sunday, October 14, 2012

One of my dirty little secrets.

Every Tuesday and Friday, I make a few minutes and sit quietly with a particular email that comes to my inbox on those days.  I won't even open it on my iPhone; I need a bigger screen to check it out.  What email is this, you ask?  It's my 'Shop It To Me' email.
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Brilliant site for someone like me!  Shop It To Me is basically a shopping 'sale' search engine that's customizable.  It canvases dozens of retail sites and delivers emails to you full of sale items from these sites based on your shopping preferences; you decide what retailers and brands of clothing you want to have emailed to you as well as specifying sizes, price range, and percentage off retail price.  As their site says:

"When you sign up, Shop It To Me will send you either a daily, semi-weekly, or weekly email of sale items which match your preferences."

For example, each Tuesday and Friday I receive an email, sorted by retailer (or you can choose to group by brand or type of clothing), of all the brands and types of clothing IN MY SIZE that are on sale for 20% off or more.  You can adjust almost anything!  I have about 30+ brands listed on my account with no restrictions on retailers.  I search only women's clothing, but you can add men's and children's as well. 

Last Friday, my email had some great fall items, like this DVF coat from, about 30% off retail, just in time for winter.
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This Tory Burch Silk top is 40% off at Nordstrom.
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And I love this Lauren Merkin clutch at Bergdorf Goodman, $75 off, down to $150.
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I'm a car coat junkie, so this Juicy Couture one appeals to me, especially at 30% off.
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So, instead of me trolling around all the separate sites, I can have 2 emails a week, outlining what's on sale where.  And what girl doesn't like a deal every now and then?! Love it! ~ JH

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