Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...you are dreaming about a white blazer.

Spring is around the corner, my obsession with a white blazer is bigger than ever.  I really don't know how I got obsessed with this, but I think it started with this Pinterest post I saw last year:
Photo from pinterest.com
I thought it was a fun, chic, travel-to-Europe-and-be-cool look.  I wanted to be that girl.  So, off I went, in search of a white blazer.

I found one last summer at Ann Taylor.  It was a cotton sateen, cute jacket, on sale for $99. Great way to test out the look.  It kind of looks like this:
Photo from polyvore.com
I wore it with a matte metallic tank underneath, AG Ballad jeans in a mid-wash, and nude strappy heels, long gold pendant necklace.  Loved it!  Great for a casual night out.

This year, I also wanted something a little more dressy, a little longer and found a great one at the W by Worth show:
Photo from wbyworth.com
While I eagerly await its arrival, I've been thinking about ways to wear it, so that it doesn't scream 'Miami Vice'.  I put some inspirational items on my Pinterest board, but thought I'd share them here.

The 'column of black' underneath is a great idea, with either chic flat or great heel:
Photo from pinterest.com
Ok, it also helps to be Kate Moss.  Just saying.

Anyway, another look, over a dress:
Photo from pinterest.com
Or, with lighter shirt, skinny black bottoms and cute cheetah ballet flats:
Photo from pinterest.com
Items that are current potential partners for my white blazer include this white lace t-shirt, with a slight scoop neck, from W by Worth:
Photo from wbyworth.com
To be paired with skinny dark pants...
Photo from nordstrom.com
Or how about a pair of leggings?  In leather?  That I just happened to find on sale?  I know, crazy, but they are really fantastic!
Photo from vince.com
With pointy-toe heels.
Photo from net-a-porter.com.
Very sharp outfit, for the long transitional season we have here in New England.  How would you wear a white blazer? ~ JH

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