Sunday, September 16, 2012

W2WW News Flash - Styled for J.Crew Fashion Show!

3:30 on a Saturday.  Zipping down Route 9 west. Dressed in I-was-sitting-at-the-soccer-field outfit. Left the girls with dear husband so I can meet Lisa at J.Crew in the Natick Mall.  Why?  Because we are a week away from Lisa's runway debut and she had her styling appointment!

Next Sunday, September 23rd, at 6:30pm, you are all invited to J.Crew in the Natick Mall for a fashion show featuring Fall 2012 looks.  Unfortunately, I will miss the event; please attend, check out the fashions, and take tons of pictures for me!

Yesterday, J.Crew stylist Sylvia Gesell had 2 outfits styled for Lisa, waiting in a dressing room.  So fun to have someone else pick your clothes!  Check out the options.
Lisa was to try on both outfits and see which one she wants to wear on the runway.  First, more casual look.  Loved the cheetah pumps and the stacked bracelets.

Next up, a more serious look, with capped-toe pumps, great silk blouse and fun tweed.  Lisa's husband would LOVE the pink.  
So, which one do you want to see walk down the runway?  Post your favorite and then come to J.Crew on the 23rd to find out! ~ LB & JH

Images by Jennifer Houston.

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