Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fashion for your bed.

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Nothing is better than a good night's sleep.  Jen and I have a favorite linen and towel maker, Matouk, located right here in Massachusetts, and they will be building a brand new $10 million facility.   The article crossed my desk, and I had to share our love of Matouk with you.  

Matouk sheets are heavenly and I swear to God,  I sleep better when my bed is made with them and not the ones from TJ Maxx.  There is something about the weave and quality of cotton.  In the summer, they are cool and crisp and in the cooler months, they feel comforting and snuggly. The sheets come in mostly white or ivory and are beautifully embellished with embroidery or trim.  Matouk offers a Bespoke (custom, made to order) line which is beyond exquisite and unlike any regular embroidery you’ve ever seen. 

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You can outfit your whole bed with duvets, blankets, pillows, etc. for a little bit of boudoir heaven. (And you know I love to monogram anything that's not nailed down! ~ JH)
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Stop by Bonsoir in Wellesley and feel for yourself.  And, we'll let you in on our little secret - Matouk has a true factory store, at their factory in Fall River, MA. Bonsoir, indeed! ~ LB

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