Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demystifying personal shopping - Part 2.

I'm a couple of days aways from my personal shopping appointment at Nordstrom.  I sent Amy an email of the things I'm interested in finding.  It includes:

A pair of white Tory Burch cropped jeans (I already own a pair and want another.  They are just terrific pants to have in New England for the longer transition we have to spring.)
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A pair of skinny, cropped black pants - not jeans.  To go with my new white blazer that's coming from W by Worth.  
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With the W by Worth lace trim t-shirt to go underneath.  
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Kind of like these:
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    A jacket outfit, or or a jacket to be paired with navy pants.  Casual summer tops - I'm in desperate need.  I'm always on the look out for the non-t-shirt t-shirt.  Something a little different than the thousand 'tissue tees' out there.  I'm not sure that that is yet, but I'll let you know when I find it.

    I would like a new dress for dinners out, meetings, etc.  And I'm always looking for layers for transition - sweaters & scarves.  I'm heading to Paris in April and need to be prepared.  Finally, for shoes, I'm looking for a neutral wedge, an everyday espadrille with a little height, and maybe a colored heel.  I'm a little crazy about these right now, but what on earth would I wear them with?
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    In addition, I like to bring some things I already own, usually packed in an LL Bean tote bag, that I'd like to work with.  I'm planning to bring/wear:
    • A pair of snake skin heels that I love to wear in the spring with both pants outfits and dresses.
    • A pair of skinny jeans for tops that I'll be trying.
    • A pair of ballet flats.
    • (If it arrives in time) That new white jacket from W by Worth to build outfits around.
    Lisa will be joining me, and we will be taking photos so you can see what personal shopping (at least at Nordstrom) is all about. Stay tuned for Part 3 after my appointment on Monday! ~ JH

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