Monday, May 11, 2015

W2WW News Flash - Joie store open on Newbury Street!

One of WW2W’s favorite go-to brands just opened a stand-alone last Tuesday in our backyard!  Though I was rushing to a hair appointment, I had enough time to pop in and snap a few pictures at the new Joie store, at 141 Newbury Street.  It is inviting and beautifully done.  
For those of you in the market for slides (ahem, Jennifer), these black and camel ones were cute.  
I really liked this blue Montserrat tunic top.  Over white jeans, or a suit at the beach, it’s an easy go-to piece for summer.  And they have in matching kids sizes too, a new line they’re just introducing this season.
Come here my pretty canvas and jute tote   When you’re not accompanying me to the beach on the weekends,  you will tote my laptop and shoes to work during the week.  
This picture has all my favorite colors and patterns, though I’m not sold on big florals just yet.
The first thing I looked for when I walked in was 'soft joie', which is their “comfy” line of very wearable and affordable pieces.  There was a pretty good selection - I hope they beef it up this fall.  That, and a 3-way mirror to see what’s going on in the back, and it’s all good.  Welcome to the neighborhood Joie! ~ LB
All images from Lisa Bida.

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