Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My February obsession - these Chloe Sandals

Sometimes, there's an item of clothing or an accessory that I can't believe isn't on the market.  Or at least, I can't find it.  For a long time (ask Lisa), I've been searching for a nude colored, strappy sandal.  Would go with everything, right?  A classic pair of shoes.  SO hard to find.

And then this week, finally.  At Bloomingdales.  I gasped when I saw them and didn't hesitate to purchase them immediately.  I did try them on, but really, I didn't need to.  And, come to find, they are REALLY hard to find online.  I did find a photo of them to share with you.  Check them out:
Image from mytheresa.com.
The heel height is perfect at about 2 3/4".  The color (nudes can be so tricky against your skin tone) is perfect.  Ahhhh.  Now if the snow would just stop/go away/melt so I can wear them. ~ JH

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