Monday, March 2, 2015's Spring 2015: Fringe

A big trend this spring that I want to integrate into the repertoire is fringe.  The tassel has been big for a few seasons and now we've morphed to a full-on fringe binge.  From shoes to earrings, it's easy to add some swing to your look.  Here's some rules of thumb:
  • Pick one.  Not two.  Stick to one key piece.
  • Think of fringe like a pop of color.  It’s got great movement and will draw the eye to it so when you pick a piece, know it will get attention.  If you don’t like your feet, don’t get fringe sandals.
  • No fringe dresses - too 1920s. A vest or jacket over a very neutral palette will work so much better.
  • Get leather.  Faux fringe on a bag will not fall well and it will look cheap.  Keep it real.
Have fun with fringe! ~ LB
W2WW Fringe

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