Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Experiment with Stitch Fix - Part 2

You might recall that back in September, I had my first experience with Stitch Fix, the online styling company. I only kept one item from my first 'Fix' and hoped that the second one would yield better results.  When I 'checked out' from my first 'Fix', I left lots of notes and comments for the next stylist hoping to guide them better to things I would love.

And this week, my second 'Fix' arrived. (When I originally signed up, I asked for automatic shipments, every other month.)  I came home to this on my doorstep, a bigger box than last time.
What was inside?  Another cute note from my stylist.

While they really 'got' my style much more in this shipment, it wasn't a home run.  Here's what they sent:
The Asymmetrical Knit Cardigan was okay, but it was huge on me and I have at least one cardigan like this already.  Back it goes.
The Roan Knit Jacket was ok.  It was way more cropped in real life and I'm not a cropped top kind of girl.  Back it goes.
The grey t-shirt fit well, but really?  That's the thing that was great in my box?  Back it goes.  There was a pair of DL 1961 skinny jeans what were ok but fit oddly in the 'rise' area.  And I have about 10 pairs of skinny jeans already.  Back it goes.  And finally, a scarf. Which while fun in concept, was actually huge around my neck.  Back it goes.
So, out of the 5 items, I decided to send all of them back.  It was a little disappointing; I was hoping to keep at least one item.  So much for my $20 styling fee.  Boo.  

I think the most disappointing part of my order was when I ran to the post office (in the very short 3-business-day-return-time-frame) to pop my 'prepaid' envelope with all the items into the mail.  Here's their shipping policy from for reference:

How does shipping work?

Stitch Fix clients enjoy free shipping both ways as a benefit of using our service! We use both FedEx and USPS to ship packages to you but don’t worry — you won’t need to sign for your package either way. When you are done trying things on, just pop the items you don’t want into your prepaid envelope and drop it off at any USPS pickup location.
The 'prepaid' envelope was only 'prepaid' for 3 pounds of goods.  My shipment weighed 5 pounds.  I had to pay an additional $5 to send this 'Fix' back!   Honestly, I was kind of outraged.  Not quite 'free' shipping and returns unless you buy something out of the box.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do another 'Fix'.  I did cancel my 'automatic fix' and simply scheduled one for February with more notes, hoping they would be able to do transitional spring clothing then.  But, that's a long time away and I have plenty of time to cancel.  I hope you found my little Stitch Fix journey helpful.  If you have any Stitch Fix journeys to share, please do so in the comments section.  ~ JH  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

W2WW News Flash - Worth Sample Sale Monday and Tuesday, 11/17 and 11/18!

Who loves a sample sale?!  We do!  And there's a good one on Monday and Tuesday, November 17th and 18th, right here in Wellesley.  Head to 45 Falmouth Road (home of Jennifer Sleeper) for the Worth New York and W by Worth Fall and Holiday sample sale. All items are 50% off - cash and carry!  
Image from Heather Steele.
And while you are there, there will be some holiday vendors as well like Stella and Dot, Little Graces, and Pam's Pashminas.  Nothing like one-stop-shopping.  See you there at 11am on Monday?! ~ JH

Friday, November 14, 2014

W2WW Friday Funny

My husband sent this link to me the other day, and I was both amused and fascinated at the same time.  Put together by Gilt, it shows the average heel height in the US by state.  Interesting that Arkansas is one of the 4 states/territories with the highest heels.  You go girls!  Where does your state rank?!
Image from
Happy Friday!  ~ JH

Monday, November 10, 2014

Let us tell you a story about a boot...

...a boot that was SO special that 2 friends went to the ends of the Earth to find that boot.  But what is this mystical boot?!  

Once upon a time, 3 friends went to a Saks fashion show. At that show, they saw lots of exceptional outfits, gorgeous clutches, and tall-as-the-sky booties.  But what intrigued them most of all were the boots worn by the general manager of Saks Boston.  Tall, knee-high, graphite grey boots with a stacked heel.  She wore them effortlessly, so they must be comfortable.  What were they?  Were they available?
Image from
Jen and Lisa approached the manager after the show.  They complimented her on the show and the store, and then quickly asked about her boots.  She gestured casually - "They were Stuart Weitzman from the prior year.  Maybe they had a pair or 2 floating around.  Maybe not."  Claudine, our fearless personal shopper at Saks, searched the system.  Nothing was found.

Both Jen and Lisa sadly drove home.  They wanted that perfect, wear-every-day boot.  Lisa turned to the internet for research.  She discovered that the boots were called the 'Molten' boot.  Her intense search turned up only one pair of size 11 on  Jen too went on an intense search and came up empty.

A few days later, Jen found herself in a waiting room.  Rather than flip through some magazine, she pulled up her Gilt app on her mobile phone.  And what to her wondering eyes did appear?!  A Stuart Weitzman sale!  What would she find there?  She scrolled through and found what she was looking for.  A Molten boot, in black, and another boot that looked suspiciously similar.  Furious texting to Lisa ensued:
Images from Jennifer Houston.
The Toujours boot was a VERY similar boot to the Molten.  So similar that both Lisa and Jen quickly whisked them into their shopping carts and checked out.  But what would happen when these boots arrived?
Image from Jennifer Houston.
They were perfect.  And 2 pairs of Stuart Weitzmen Toujours boots (at 50% off retail price!) came to live happily ever after with Jen and Lisa.
Image from Jennifer Houston.
The end. ~ JH

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My November Obsession - High-Waisted Jeans

The annual search for the perfect pair of jeans may have just ended at 7:34pm on Wednesday night.  J.Crew Personal Shopper extraordinaire, Sylvia Gesell, invited me in for a test drive of some of its brand new styles and washes. She had a selection of jeans laid out before me in an assortment of fits and finishes. I immediately bee-lined to the high-waisted jeans. 
Images from
High-waisted jeans have been on my radar this season so I was curious about their magical slimming powers.   Very 1980s or cool?   You be the judge:

Behold Lookout Stretch Jean in Darci Wash and a more faded wash.  I love love how the Darci fit.  Tencel fiber added to the cotton makes them super comfy, like leggings.  High-waist = no muffin top and a kind of corset-like fit that holds it all together.  No need to suck it in!
Images from Lisa Bida.
Next up, Point Sur High Tower Denim. Ok, they jeans were spectacular!   These brand new beauties are made in LA out of "soft ringspun cotton and all the details are entirely done by hand."  Super flattering, right?
Image from Lisa Bida.
If you're in the market for new jeans, go straight to a high-waisted style.   Stop in on Sylvia at J.Crew in Natick and she'll hunt down a pair that's right for you!   Bien sur! ~ LB