Monday, August 26, 2013

W2WW Around Town - Be Styled on Central Street.

Blow dry-only salons are the latest craze and being the trendy and hip town that we are, Wellesley has now it's very own.  Be Styled (in the old Clarks-Wellesley-Holiday-Marketplace space) just opened on Central Street.  And being the trendy and hip chick that I am, I dragged my sun-charred, sea-water-logged mop in for a much needed fix.

The salon itself is gor-geous.  
Clearly, Be Styled had a visionary designer articulating every detail, from the magnificent marble counters lining every wall, mirrors behind each chair (brilliant!), right down to the gray yogurt covered pretzels in apothecary jars at the front desk.  
There was a rom-com on the two large video screens and ipads at every station for browsing their menu (sleek, soft, swanky, or swirly - I choose swirly) and the 'net while getting washed and coiffed.   

After a fairly good shampoo and head massage, off I went to be styled.   My stylist was friendly, but not too chatty (which I prefer).  When I looked up from my Words With Friends game and she spun me around, everyone in the place could hear me say 'oooohhhh'.  
I wish I had somewhere great to do when I left but it was home to make dinner and pack for a weekend away.  Be Styled charges $35 for services, less for kids.   
Maybe we will see you there! ~ LB

Monday, August 19, 2013

Are we too old for leather leggings?

We have a loyal reader in Montana who sent us this question:

"Am I too old for leather leggings? My personal shopper made my buy then at Nordies - they're (p)leather in the front and legging material on the back. I like them but not sure... Advice? Am I smoking crack?

They looked v cute with a white and black long sleeves Vince sweater. Which leads me to my 2nd question. It was so soft and cozy I could die. But at $335 for a non staple item - it was too much. Any ideas for the same look & style for less??"

NO!  You are NOT TOO OLD for leather leggings.  Lisa and I BOTH have a pair.  They are EVERYWHERE this year and just gaining in popularity.  The trick is, how to wear them.  I favor a slightly oversized sweater (with or without top underneath, that can cover your posterior) worn with really sharp (as in spiffy) ballet flats OR, more often than not, heels.  See these looks for some of my favorites (I actually have the same sweater/top combination in the Olivia Palermo photo - first photo - and wear them over my leggings as well).
Images from
Onto your second question - Lisa and I are HUGE fans of most things Vince.  I understand the dilemma with spending a large amount of money on an item like this.  Part of me wants to say "buy fewer things of a high quality (Vince) rather than a couple of things that are lower quality".  The other part of me says "what else is out there?".   (And, there's a 3rd part of me that would watch sites like or like a hawk for a sale and buy the Vince sweater then.  Yes, I do that.)

I took to Polyvore to see if I could find a couple of items that might fit the bill at a lower price point.  Nordstrom's Trouve line and had some good choices.  I will say that Vince's sweater softness and ease of wearing trumps a lot out there.  Hope this inspires!  Good luck, and enjoy your leggings! ~ JH

W2WW: With Leather Leggings

Michael Kors loose fitting sweater / OTTE oversized sweater / Uniqlo sweater / Trouvé over sized sweater / Halogen long sweater / Thml Clothing black top / J.Crew white blouse / Madewell chambray shirt / ELAN pullover sweater / Kensie pull on pants / Vince slim pants / Halogen ponte pants

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - shopping recap!

I may be wearing neon and white linen but my brain has officially switched to fall and thoughts of gray (more on this later) and leather.   Trying on wool and cashmere in the 80 degree heat is not the most inspiring way to spend a day, unless of course it's the Nordstrom's anniversary sale.

Leather skirt paired with very fun drapey Ella Moss top  comes in gray sparkle and nude sparkle (hanging on the door).  Cute but where am I going to wear this?  Pick up?  Work?  Back to the rack.  
Leather, leather everywhere.  From side panels to all over, there are all sorts of real and faux out there to add to your ensembles this fall.  Like this dress.
Or this one...
I've been looking for a lightweight car coat and found this Helene Berman cashmere coat in camel fit the bill.  Wrap that up.

If you're going to buy one color this season, make it gray.  It's pairs well with everything that black and white does and even shades of itself for a tonal effect.  These Paul Green booties have a low heel and will go with everything.
Those are the highlights of my 'scores' at the 2013 Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  Heading straight into fall! ~ LB
All images from Lisa Bida.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanted: A basic sweater that is not basic.

You are not navy or gray.  Or black.  You are easy to wear and comfortable.  You make me look fabulous and put together.  I can throw you on with skinny jeans in any color.  Or trousers and a jacket.  Or layer you under vest or big comfy sweater.  You make those blue suede wedges I got last year look even better this year.  You can share the spotlight with a necklace or look fab without one. 

Hello Joie silk animal print top.   Your mix of silk body and wool sleeves is genius.   Your shades of gray, black and white are perfection.  Welcome to my closet.
Image from
Image from Lisa Bida.
It's out there this year.  The non-basic, basic sweater.  Love this Tory burch top and whole look from head to toe.
Images from
Check out the Polyvore set below to get some other ideas.  Purrr.  ~ LB

PS - In full disclosure, Jen also purchased the Joie sweater, completely on her own and separately.  What's the etiquette here?! - JH

W2WW: "Basic" Sweaters

Tory Burch woven top / Equipment leopard print sweater / Joie sweater / Tory Burch crew neck t shirt / Hermès turtleneck top

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

it's Fall 2013: Colorful, Suede Pumps

Fall is BY FAR my favorite season.  Sweaters, jackets, boots, oh my!  I love the crisp air, changing leaves, and the CLOTHING. 

Before I departed for summer pastures, I HAD to stick my head into Nordstrom to see what was arriving for fall.  I had my 2 girls fresh out of school, so I only had time to zip through the shoe department.  And these were there.  The Saint Laurent Pointy Toe Pump.  In dark green.  Oh, how I love thee.
Image from
Note:  Yes, Saint Laurent is Yves Saint Laurent.  Back in 2012, YSL underwent a 'rebranding' and now, it is Saint Laurent Paris.

Anyway, I LOVE suede and these were lovely.  And then, I started looking around and there was an array of lovely, colorful suede pumps.  Like these...
Image from
...and these...
Image from
...and these.
Image from
Round toe, pointy toe (which will be the better choice for 2013 - more on that later), platform, metal heel.  But all in suede and all colorful.

What would you wear them with?!  A neutral pallet - all black, all camel.  With denim.  Think about it as 'color blocking' your feet!  Check out these images from PInterest for inspiration.
Images from
Very now and very hot.  While I contemplate the hunter green Saint Laurents versus the blue Jimmy Choos, check out the Polyvore set I put together, showcasing the wide range of pumps!  Happy fall! ~ JH

W2WW Fall 2013: Colorful, Suede Pumps

Manolo Blahnik high heel stiletto / Prada suede pumps / Elizabeth and James leather pointy toe pumps / Cole Haan pump / Diane Von Furstenberg high heel shoes / J.Crew high heel shoes / J.Crew high heel shoes / Madewell shoes / Ted Baker suede pumps / Steve Madden pumps / Nine West suede shoes / Jessica Simpson high heel shoes