Monday, August 26, 2013

W2WW Around Town - Be Styled on Central Street.

Blow dry-only salons are the latest craze and being the trendy and hip town that we are, Wellesley has now it's very own.  Be Styled (in the old Clarks-Wellesley-Holiday-Marketplace space) just opened on Central Street.  And being the trendy and hip chick that I am, I dragged my sun-charred, sea-water-logged mop in for a much needed fix.

The salon itself is gor-geous.  
Clearly, Be Styled had a visionary designer articulating every detail, from the magnificent marble counters lining every wall, mirrors behind each chair (brilliant!), right down to the gray yogurt covered pretzels in apothecary jars at the front desk.  
There was a rom-com on the two large video screens and ipads at every station for browsing their menu (sleek, soft, swanky, or swirly - I choose swirly) and the 'net while getting washed and coiffed.   

After a fairly good shampoo and head massage, off I went to be styled.   My stylist was friendly, but not too chatty (which I prefer).  When I looked up from my Words With Friends game and she spun me around, everyone in the place could hear me say 'oooohhhh'.  
I wish I had somewhere great to do when I left but it was home to make dinner and pack for a weekend away.  Be Styled charges $35 for services, less for kids.   
Maybe we will see you there! ~ LB

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