Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to wear a Beanie Hat

It is the winter of the beanie.
Image from thesartorialist.com.
I have never been a winter hat person.  The only time I wear a hat is if a) I’m skiing or b) I’m shoveling.   And it’s not a pretty hat either – a New Balance black fleece hat that I’ve had forever.  Just function, plain and simple.  I am stepping up my game this winter with a beanie hat.  There are so many ways to style the hat and your hair for a super cool look.  Didn't have time to wash your hair?  Throw on the beanie, some shades and BAM!  You're ready to go.
Image from loveitsomuch.com.
Try this slouchie look if you have a long hair like me.   Put the hat on from the front and pull it back until the front of the beanie is just past your hairline. I like the hat slouched down in the back, covering my ears.   This is my favorite look.
Image from lyst.com.
Image from fabsugar.com.
If you have short hair or bangs, try wearing the beanie slightly back over the top of your head, just above the eyebrows.  Put the hat on from the top and pull it down until it is just past your ears on both sides.  You can either tuck in your bangs or peek a few out.

I have two beanies.  The Savannah cable beanie from Club Monaco in cream; I'm pairing it with the ubiquitous black coat we all wear in the winter.  For a pop of color, I went with this blue Echo beanie which pairs nicely with camel, gray or black.  Here it is in red:
Image from nordstrom.com.
So ladies, challenge yourself this winter.  Put aside the exceedingly practical ski hat and embrace the beanie!  You will be happily surprised! ~ LB

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