Friday, December 27, 2013

EPIC morning at Saks!

It's December 26th.  And instead of sleeping in, Lisa, our friend Heather, and I were at Saks, bright and early at 7:45am.  
Waiting for the doors to open at 8:00am, we felt the press of the crowd growing behind us.
Why you ask?!?!?  The SALE people!  50% off of reduced prices from 8am until noon.  Always.  Every December 26th.  Lisa, Heather and I have been going for years, and some of the best deals we've ever seen have come out of this sale.  

We always start in the shoe department.  It's madness, but oh so fun!  
What was hot this year?  How about these Tod's wedges for 65% off?
 These Prada ballet flats were hundreds less than the original price.  Hundreds!
Gucci loafers in all colors - at the morning price, how could we leave them in the store?!  Look for brightly colored loafers on all of us.
We ended up with an epic number of shoes.  Really, it was something else.  This was 2 of us checking out.
But, we didn't just stop at shoes.  On the advice of Lisa, I picked up this Weekend Max Mara coat, at 70% off retail!  70%!  Adore.  Thanks Lisa!
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Those are the highlights.  Thank you, Saks, for making the day after Christmas so much fun.  Now, onto spring. ~ JH
Images from Jennifer Houston, unless otherwise noted.


  1. A faithful reader from MontanaDecember 28, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    Love this post-- Way to go girls!! I am so jealous. We don't have a sake (or nordies) in the great state of Montana! We DO have 48" base snow at Big Sky... Merry Christmas to y'all

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