Monday, February 18, 2013 want to wear a hair cuff.

When I'm not sporting a fresh blow out, I've either got a black Goody hair elastic on my wrist or doubled around my ponytail.  Functional, yet B-O-R-I-N-G.  Well say 'hello' to the new jewelry for your ponytail.  The Hair Cuff, which I am love with.
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I am partial to gold since my hair is brownish and highlighted and you can't go wrong with this little number in gold or silver from H&M.

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I adore this enamel one too and it comes in a rainbow of colors.  White will look so sleek with spring and summer fashions.
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The French faux tortoise shell is a classic.  These are made in France by Luxe Claire.  Oui! Oui!
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And how does one wear a hair cuff?  Low and messy.  Think a loose gathered pony at the nape of your neck which contrasts with the clean lines of the cuff.  Don't pile too high or pull the hair too tight.  

The cuff should be in proportion to your hair length.  For shoulder length hair, you'll want a cuff 1-2" wide.  For long hair, go crazy with a wide cuff, 3" or more.  Enjoy experimenting! ~ LB

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