Tuesday, February 26, 2013

...you are curious about black stockings.

A reader in Montana reached out last week to ask a style question:

"Ok what is the trend on hose, tights, etc. I am starting to see more and more black pantyhose again."

Dear reader, you are astute in noticing that black hose is making a comeback.  It all started about a year ago with Kate Middleton wearing sheer hose; it's an unwritten rule that dignitaries and guests attending events with the queen must dress appropriately and that includes closed-toed shoes, mid-length skirts and pantyhose. 
Image from styleclone.com.
Image from shine.yahoo.com.
Sheer sparked the trend but now the look has grown to include black, first opaque and now sheer, which began showing up on the runway in 2012. What's not to love about black sheer? Practically speaking, it beats the heck out of bare legs for those of us that live in cold climates. And they are the perfect foil for shorter skirts or dresses.  Best of all, legs look flawless enveloped in their sheer blackness.  The NY Times wrote in November“It’s like that old trick cameramen use, putting a Wolford stocking over the lens to soften the look of skin,” said Dr. Patricia Wexler, a New York dermatologist who treats the fashion elite. “Except you’re actually putting it on the leg.”

Some inspiration for wearing black hose?  This look is hot.  She's rocking the black and white trend for spring.
Image from pinterest.com.
Totally amazing under shorts - great transition look.
Image from nymag.com.
Wear with a gorgeous dress for a night out, like this fab Jason Wu creation.
Image from elle.com.
Have fun with it Reader-in-Montana!  Let us know how you wear them! ~ LB


  1. I wear black hoisery most of the time because they make my legs look gorgeous and elegant. I am always dressed up as well and cannot go out of the house without stockings on my legs ever. Black hoisery is feminine and sexy

    1. Good taste, I like lady who knows how to dress up herself with stocking & heels!