Thursday, December 4, 2014

Putting "Sexy" Back into Winter Boots

I'm scrambling to get the fam outfitted in winter gear before things get all Buffalo, NY on us here.  Everyone needs new boots, coats, snowpants and gloves. I love to shop but buying winter gear is kind of like spending money on a new water heater:  necessary, but there's nothing sexy about it.  Especially because I have to replace a beloved pair of boots that are most fabulous AND waterproof.  Witness the ULU boot.  Bedecked in rabbit fur, these beauties have kept my feet warm, fashionable and dry for the last 10 years.
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And alas, the ULU brand is no more.  Boo!

So the hunt has begun in earnest.  The staging area is stacked high with incoming/outgoing boxes from Zappos and Nordstrom and North Face.  Auditions for replacements are in full swing.  

Sorel and L.L.Bean have the traditional rubber duck boot style that is all the rage.  They look pretty cool, but I found them to be clunky, heavy, and frankly, the laces a pain to deal with.  I want to pull on and go.  Rubber conducts cold, so I'm fearful my feet will be unhappy come January.  Back to Zappos for you!  

North Face has a kind of cute waterproof boot detailed with faux fur (the faux looks really faux) and shiny quilted detail adds some sass.  They are comfortable and lightweight.  A contender.  Don't pack it up yet.

Next up is the Kamik Luxembourg boot.  Okay, now you've got my attention.  
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Kind of good looking, right?  They are light as a feather with a thick grooved sole that will provide traction and warmth in slippery conditions.  The upper is quilted and waterproof.  The come in black, gray, white and burgundy.   I think we have a winner!  I am however, open to any and all suggestions until the first snowfall.  If you have a favorite pair to share, give us a shout out! ~ LB

W2WW Waterproof Boots

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