Monday, August 13, 2012's Fall 2012: Oversized Tops

I just had a personal shopping appointment at Nordstrom with the one and only Amy Swartz, and I have to admit, I came away with some things that I didn't expect to.   That's the beauty of personal shopping!

One thing that struck me were the number of 'oversized' tops out there that were purposefully oversized.   And, that they didn't look bad once they were on.  I've always loved a twist to proportions on clothing.  Labels like 3.1 Philip Lim and Vince do it frequently, and now I'm seeing it in the collections of more classic designers as well.  Definitely pair an oversized top with a narrow bottom, whether that's a skirt or pant.  

This coat by Helene Berman was adorable on...and one I'm still thinking about as I type this.  The cobalt blue is so forward, and it looked really cool over some skinny black pants with it's 'bubble' back and bracelet-length sleeves (which hit right above the wrist, as opposed to 3/4 length sleeves, which hit right below your elbow).  At $298, the price isn't bad for a wool/cashmere coat.  
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Another item that DID come home is this Vince 'poncho' sweater.  It's totally oversized but looked great with some black cropped pants I had brought along with me (yes, it's perfectly fine to bring some of your clothes with you on shopping appointments - especially those items  that are orphans in your closet!) and a blouse underneath.  They only show the black online, but I love the camel I ended up with.
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Image from Jennifer Houston.
Upon reflection, I've been purchasing some oversized items without realizing that I was really enjoying how they looked and how easy they were to wear!  Just earlier this week at the W by Worth show, I picked up this pale gold, charmeuse tunic, which will be an easy top to throw on over pants, roll up the sleeves, slap on some gold bangles, and head out the door to dinner.  (PS - It comes in midnight blue, white, black, and brown too.)
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Another item that has tempted me is this oversized jersey t-shirt from Helmut Lang.  It probably looks great over jeans as well as over a skinny pencil skirt, as styled below.  Note that this t-shirt looks completely blah when alone...
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...but on a body with a pencil skirt, it looks great!  
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That's the thing with these oversized garments; on a hanger, they look awful.  On a person, they might just look great.  And they are SO easy to wear.  Be sure to pick out a piece or 2 this fall, just to try on.  You never know what you might find. ~ JH

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