Tuesday, November 8, 2011

...it's 70 degrees in November

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the start of school, crisp air, the colored leaves, and warm and cozy clothes!  I'll be the first to turn over my closet, changing out tunics and summer dresses for sweaters, scarves, vests, and suede shoes.

Today is an exception to the fall I know and love.  The leaves are colorful, but the air isn't crisp.  In fact, it's downright hot.  What is a girl to do when it's 40 degrees at 8:25am drop off and 70 degrees when leaving the gym at 10:15am?

One word:  LAYER.  A formula of tank + light top + scarf over jeans = success!

Tanks...my personal favorite, the Shimera Seamless Tank at Nordstrom.  Long, doesn't roll up, enough stretch to keep you together.  Comes in TONS of colors - $26 each, or $2 off every one when you buy 2 or more.  I have white, black, brown, plum, and cream in my wardrobe (am wearing white right now).

Photo from Nordstrom.com

Light weight top...love a J. Crew merino v-neck sweater (navy, gray) or a chambray blouse.

Photo from JCrew.com

Photo from JCrew.com

Scarf - make it colorful - Madewell (a J. Crew company) has TONS of unique and different scarves at great price-points! Plus, you can remove it and tie it on your handbag if it gets too warm in the day.

Photo from Madewell.com

Jeans - I have several favorite jean makers, but my be-all-end-all jean is the AG Adriano Goldschmied Ballad.  Long, lean, and takes 5 pounds off me, they are fantastic (disclaimer - only in dark colors; the white in the summer shows every bump and imperfection!).   They are a slim, bootcut.  Word of caution - do not attempt to hem them.  It breaks the line and a tragedy to ruin a pair, as I did.

Photo from Nordstrom.com

For jeans you can hem, because we'll all not 6' tall and slender (but if you are, good for you!), I turn to Citizens of Humanity Ava or Elson Jeans.  Both have a  straight leg, a higher rise (which is another blog entry altogether!), and generally, come in 2-3 washes a season.

Photo from Nordstrom.com

Or, (and clearly, I need to write a whole entry about jeans) how about these newcomers, DL1961 jeans, in the Coco style?  Straight legs, great washes, and talk about keeping you together - great amount of spandex, but not clingy.  Caroline, at The Green Tangerine in Kennebunkport, ME, introduced me to my first pair this summer.  I was NOT in the market for jeans, but they were so good, I couldn't leave them in the store.

Photo from dl1961.com

That, and some ballet flats will get you through the 70 degree pick-up in the afternoon, and take you through your child's ballet class and into dinner.  So, enjoy the weather! ~ JH

Sunday, November 6, 2011

...your watch is 'in the shop'.

I found myself in the Cartier boutique on Newbury Street this Saturday.  My Tank Francaise watch (ahem, 'Timepiece'), a 35th birthday birthday present from Dear Husband, had seen enough and needed a tune up.

Photo from Kaboodle.com

Too many sweaty spin classes, drops on the floor, and near submersions had damaged it - the metal bracelet was mangled and (unbeknownst to me) the stem was chipped.  I wear this watch EVERYDAY, so giving up for weeks of service was troubling.  Now, I have other watches I could wear in it's absence.  Lovely ones, in fact.  But this one can be pared with everything, any outfit, from jeans to a dress.  It simply works.  Alas, I patted it goodbye, and asked the sales woman to take good care of it.

The sales woman sensed my distress and asked me "Do you want a loaner watch?".  My jaw hit the counter.  Bien sur!  Bring out the 'loaner'!

And she did.  It's the large Tank Francaise timepiece, with a black, rubber bracelet.  She called it ugly, but I thought it was super cool.

Personal Photo

I signed a release, strapped it on, and, with a spring in my step, hit Newbury Street.  Note to self:  When purchasing a watch, ask if loaners are available! ~ JH