Sunday, November 6, 2011

...your watch is 'in the shop'.

I found myself in the Cartier boutique on Newbury Street this Saturday.  My Tank Francaise watch (ahem, 'Timepiece'), a 35th birthday birthday present from Dear Husband, had seen enough and needed a tune up.

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Too many sweaty spin classes, drops on the floor, and near submersions had damaged it - the metal bracelet was mangled and (unbeknownst to me) the stem was chipped.  I wear this watch EVERYDAY, so giving up for weeks of service was troubling.  Now, I have other watches I could wear in it's absence.  Lovely ones, in fact.  But this one can be pared with everything, any outfit, from jeans to a dress.  It simply works.  Alas, I patted it goodbye, and asked the sales woman to take good care of it.

The sales woman sensed my distress and asked me "Do you want a loaner watch?".  My jaw hit the counter.  Bien sur!  Bring out the 'loaner'!

And she did.  It's the large Tank Francaise timepiece, with a black, rubber bracelet.  She called it ugly, but I thought it was super cool.

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I signed a release, strapped it on, and, with a spring in my step, hit Newbury Street.  Note to self:  When purchasing a watch, ask if loaners are available! ~ JH

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