Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It all begin in a playgroup...

8 women, 8 children under the age of 2, plus some siblings.  All of us were new to our town and looking for friendship, companionship, and play dates.

Lisa and I found each other in these mornings amid toys, Goldfish, and coffee.  We didn't truly connect until we were pregnant again, me with my 2nd child, and her with her 2nd and 3rd.  Lisa was disappointed with local maternity clothing options, and her husband suggested a trip to New York City for a search of maternity clothes.  He suggested taking me along for the ride.

We took that trip.  And as we stood in the Kate Spade sample sale line and hoofed it uptown to see the Liz Lange store (finding an outlet upstairs that made us squeal with delight - and trust me, watching pregnant women jumping up and down with joy isn't a pretty sight) and made last minute spa appointments at Bliss because we just couldn't walk one more foot, we became good friends.

Our friendship has taken us from the local malls (we call them our 'satellite offices') to NYC to Paris in search of great clothing and accessories.  We have shopped until we've dropped, refueled, and pressed on.

Over the years, we've become 'stylists to the moms'.  We've helped many of our friends with closet clean-outs, shopping trips, outfit advice, and even lent our own jewelry when the outfit screamed for a black flower cocktail ring.  We've decided to turn all of these emails/phone calls/lunch conversations into a blog.  We hope you'll enjoy our conversations about and adventures in fashion.  Bonne journee! ~ JH

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