Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A little find on my 'notes' app

I found myself scrolling through my 'notes' on my iPhone looking for something else when all of a sudden, the words "Pretty bracelet" pop up.  What's this?  The note is from July 9, 2013!  I click it open and find the words "Julie Rofman".  This jogs my brain to produce visions of a beaded bracelet I saw in a great shop in Kennebunk, Maine called Fleurant.  (Fleurant is a great flower and gift shop; stop by when in Kennebunk!)  I remember writing this note while in the store, as I debated purchasing a bracelet.  I never went back to get it!

Fast forward an hour.  I have spent the past hour googling her and looking at her bracelets on her website.  Holy cow.  I forgot how gorgeous they are and have literally gotten a measuring tape out to see what width of bracelet I want.  Help me out - which one should I get?!  I DEFINITELY need one this spring/summer, stacked with my other favorite bracelets!

This Snow Leopard/Cow bracelet appeals to me - more neutral than colorful (you just know I'm the queen of neutral) and the width of the bracelet is pretty perfect at 5/8".
The Zebra/Snake bracelet is the same width, more neutral, and I love the pop of orange.
Or, do I try the Hilo wrap bracelet?  It's really cool! 
Or, do I go with the Seaside bracelet?  At 38" wide, it's a little more narrow than the others, but would that go better with a stack of bracelets?  And at $55, it's a little less of an investment.
Or, do I really make a statement and go with the Snake cuff?  At 1 1/4" wide, it's sure to stand out!
I love that all the bracelets are wrist-adjustable with a cute silver clasp and T-A-S-S-E-L end.  Seriously, help me decide!  Happy 2015! ~ JH
All images from julierofmanjewelry.com.

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