Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shoe selfies

I'd had enough!  Scanning the faceless boxes in my closet and wondering...does that J.Crew box hold? The red pumps or cheetahs?   Hello Manolo boxes...are you holding snakeskin sandals or black Newcio pumps?   One fine day, I unpacked the shelves, opened the boxes and snapped away.  From the right, their best angle.  Now each box has it's own selfie.  They are arranged like an easy-to-scan menu, laid before me like a smorgasbord.  Organized by type of shoe - flat, heel, sandal, stiletto -  easily processed and plucked from the perch.  Ready to go.  
Images from Lisa Bida.
I thought my family would think I was cuckoo.  Instead, I found them all huddled in the closet, looking up, "ooohing" and "aahhing" in admiration of my "great idea."  "Why have you not done this before?!"

That's what I said! ~ LB

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  1. love it! did you use your phone, a camera? and where did you print them? details please!!